Set up Teamviewer - Mac

1. Click this link - or copy and paste into your web browser:

2. Double click on the downloaded file.

3. Click Continue

4. Click Continue on License Agreement

5. Click Agree

6. Click Install

7. Enter your Mac password (the same one you use when restarting/logging in)

8. Click Close

9. Click Move to Bin

10. Click Continue
Note: If this window doesn't appear, please go to the top left corner and click the apple, then System Preferences, Security & Privacy then click the Privacy tab at the top and continue at Step 15 below.

11. Use password: Temp1234 (this will be changed to a more secure password when we connect)

12. Click Finish

13. You may be prompted to Review System Access as below. Click on Request Access

14. Click on Open System Preferences

15. Click on padlock in bottom left corner.

16. Enter your system (login) password.

16. Enable box next to TeamViewer Host on right hand side.

17. Click on Quit.

17. Repeat Step 16 for Full Disk Access and Screen Recording on left hand side.

18. Close System Preferences and open Finder from your dock (bottom left of screen)

19. Click on Applications, then double click on TeamViewer Host

20. Click on Teamviewer icon at top of screen and select Show status dialog

21. Email us the ID and Password shown.