About Us

Unison IT is run by Jason Soraff, who has over 20 years' experience in the IT industry. All of our team are highly skilled and experienced, and most importantly, able to communicate effectively and efficiently.

We passionately believe that the IT industry should be regulated in the same way as accountants, solicitors etc. Unison IT are members of, and wholeheartadly support the British Computer Society. We have, unfortunately seen first hand how much damage an incompetent IT company can do and would welcome the regulation of our industry.

It makes a big difference knowing we can rely on our IT support 100% - thank you.
Albie Turner
Partner, PJ Marks & Co

Supporting Local Businesses

We are proud to support and benefit from close relationships with a number of local businesses achieved via local networking groups such as EBN.

Thanks Jason. The hand that steadies the ship as ever! Cheers, I appreciate it.
Stephen Small
Director, Steadfast Corporation